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Innovative Retail Model, Empowering Physical Development | The New Retail Conference of China's Underwear Industry Successfully Held

Guest Speech

Exhibition Republic Exhibition Practical Lecturer/* * Brand Consultant Laura shared the trends and dynamics of visual marketing in physical stores around the theme of "Playing with Visual Marketing, Helping Store Upgrade!", helping physical stores increase traffic and performance. How to understand consumers' needs, build beautiful scenes, help consumers feel happy when shopping, and make them pay for appearance, experience, and fashion, has become the core demand for the development of physical stores. And visual marketing has increasingly become a core competency element for the development of physical stores.







Chen Fangyuan, the Operations Director of Youzan New Retail, brought the "Practice Sharing of New Retail in the Underwear Industry". In addition to familiar mall tools, Youzan also provides chain merchants with complete consumer centric operation solutions, including CRM, enterprise and micro assistants, shopping guides, chain malls, omnichannel data connectivity, operation companion running, consultation rules, and other products and services, for merchants of different industries and sizes, Provide better solutions. The highlight of the Youzan product portfolio * * * is that it is "operational" rather than just a tool, which can enhance store [marketing power], activate consumer data, carry out digital and intelligent marketing, and achieve incremental performance.




Hu Chuanhui, the founder of Lingerie Cloud/lingerie industry * * * media person, brings a theme sharing of "The Twilight of Lingerie Gods". Through exciting and vivid stories, she tells everyone that big brands and enterprises also need bone scraping and poison treatment, Phoenix Niqu, to have a new future in the face of iteration.





Wang Lijuan, a partner of Shenzhen * * * Fashion Industry Live Broadcasting Base, shared the theme of "How can traditional physical stores win new opportunities in public and private domains?" She mentioned that after the epidemic, the first priority for recovery is just needed products/industries, the second is super large brands, and the third is brands/stores with years of accumulation and excellent products. In 2023, it is necessary to achieve brand growth through global marketing, including traditional e-commerce, interest e-commerce, content e-commerce, private e-commerce, and community marketing. In 2023, what we need to do is to shift from finding people to finding goods and finding people, cultivate a sense of network and fun, and create cross-border joint brands. By collaborating with other brands, IPs, and other industries, we can jointly launch some products to achieve mutual empowerment, expand resources, and exchange traffic.








At this point, the New Retail Conference of China's Underwear Industry has been successfully held! Starting from the new retail of physical stores, this forum empowers the national underwear terminals and instills confidence in the future development of new retail channels in the industry. I believe that with the joint efforts of all parties in the industry and the empowerment of the Shenzhen Underwear Exhibition platform, millions of physical merchants can update their thinking, keep up with the times, break business difficulties, create a community of interests in the business district, jointly revive the physical industry, and jointly move towards a broader and better future.

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