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Sock customization - commonly used fabrics for socks


The sock food factory and sock customization manufacturers have different requirements for the types and applications of commonly used fabrics in the production of anti-skid socks and sports socks according to different working environments.

The sock processing factory tells you that there are several commonly used fabric names and characteristics for socks: cotton: good moisture absorption, soft feel, comfortable wearing, good dyeing performance, soft luster, natural beauty, poor wrinkle resistance, high shrinkage rate, suitable for making socks.

Customized socks only account for 35% of the total cotton content, with a variety of patterns, soft luster, and easy to take care of. Cotton accounts for 50% of the composition, and the fabric lines are thick and textured, making it comfortable to wear. Suluo: High strength, good wear resistance, suitable for making fashionable clothing styles.

Combed cotton is a type of fabric formed by bending yarns into loops and intertwining them using needles. It generally has good elasticity, moisture absorption and breathability, and is comfortable and warm.


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